I told a friend a little joke
It was cute as it could be
Then she in turn said she would tell
A boy in her family. 

Now this little lad I do declare
I know very good and well
To anyone who will lend an ear
This joke he will surely tell. 

And then to others it will go
Passed on by his best friend
Imagination's broadest scope
Could never dream its end. 

To think it might bring laughter
To someone in poverty
But then again it could be shared
In realms of royalty. 

I thought how it could journey
To lands across the sea
And some would hear it just because
It was told to a friend by me. 

Of all these possibilities
My heart began to ponder
Just when and where and who would hear
I could not help but wonder. 

Then I thought if on this same journey
The name of Jesus I could send
How many lives could then be touched
Because I told a friend.

by Kathryn Souza-Wine 

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