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God IS Groovy Poems & Inspirational Stories

The Christian and Inspirational Poems and Stories in this section were collected from the Internet and Email.  When the information is available, credit is given to each author.   

We hope you will find them uplifting and Inspirational without being judgmental or preachy!

Each page includes a link to send this page to up to 10 recipients at once!  

More Poems Here

Not Ashamed!   Jesus Paid The Price
MIND   Are You There Lord?
The Other 10 Commandments   I Searched For You
Someone Else  

Turn Around

The Holy Bible & The TV Guide   An Old Lady's Poem
God Boxes   Victory
Jesus at the Window   Of All The Joys
You Ask Me Why I Follow Jesus   A Special Gift
This Too Shall Pass   Wings Of  A Prayer
What Would You Do?   Kids Tell About God
Golden Years   The World Map
Who's Hands   Thanksgiving Prayer
Youth   Today
Politically Correct   12 Days of Christmas
Wait My Child   The Potato Puppy
I Wish For You   Mathematical Miracle
If I Had My Life To Live Over   The Most/The Greatest
I Believe   God Gives You
Does God Still Speak?   Where is God?
5 Fingers of Prayer   Emergency Numbers
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking   Psalms 23 for the office
Must Have Been The Guns   Just for Today
Just for Today (Parents)   Woman
Every Woman is Beautiful   Wanted.. A Real Mother
Before I was a Mom   Interview With God
I Believe (2)   This is MY God
The Cross   Island of Feelings
My Attorney   For My Grandkids
Imagine (Tear Jerker)   The Garden of Daily Living

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